Baby Body Bounce Back (Thursday 2/11/17, 9/11/17, 16/11/17, 23/11/17)

/Baby Body Bounce Back (Thursday 2/11/17, 9/11/17, 16/11/17, 23/11/17)

Baby Body Bounce Back (Thursday 2/11/17, 9/11/17, 16/11/17, 23/11/17)



Introducing Baby Body Bounceback at Kinder Café

Precision Health Spine & Sports Clinic has always been a family friendly clinic. Now they’re taking it to a whole new level! They’re teaming up with us here at Kinder Café to provide expectant and new mums in the Hills district with educational, informative and practical classes to help with managing the changes to their bodies during and after pregnancy.

These four practical and informative one hour classes will cover topics like the importance of a strong pelvic floor; what pregnancy hormones do to your ligaments; the impact on your lower back; how to manage your recovery after birth, whether natural or caesarean; and repairing and strengthening core muscles after the pressure of pregnancy. You will also learn the best way to lift your baby (and the pram, and the washing), how to protect your back in the feeding position, and lots more. We understand how busy it is with a new baby so classes will focus on easy to do at home simple exercises to help you get back in shape without the need to find time for getting to the gym. There are plenty of things you can do while feeding your baby or driving to the shops that will start getting you back in shape.


Classes are on a Thursday and run for an hour, starting at 12 noon – just the right time to follow it up with coffee and something delicious to eat from the café! Classes commence on 26 October and run for four weeks. The cost per class is $20. And of course, being a class about pregnancy bodies, babies and children are welcome!

Four week program $80

Thursday 2/11/17

Thursday 9/11/17

Thursday 16/11/17

Thursday 23/11/17