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Learning Should Always Be Fun

We know that exposing your kids to a range of activities and social situations is good for them. Introducing physical activity early in life paves the way for life-long healthy habits and choices. In fact introducing them to a diverse range of activities is the best way to instill a healthy relationship with physical development.

Some of the proven benefits of physical activity for children include:

  • improved cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)
  • maintenance of a healthy weight
  • improved posture
  • better sleep patterns
  • increased self-esteem and confidence
  • improved concentration
  • help with relaxation
  • building stronger bones and muscles
  • improved balance
  • skills development
  • increased flexibility
  • opportunities to make friends and enhance social skills.

Every week your taking you pride and joy to a range of diverse activities that you know is good for their mind, body and soul. The problem is that life often gets in the way of making the class, you just don’t know what your little one enjoys yet or your looking for diversity, something unique or different. Our classes have it covered.

Choose from an array of class options such as:

  • Mixed Dance
  • Art and craft
  • Kids Zumba
  • Yoga and relaxation techniques
  • Movement
  • Karate foundations
  • Chess at 3
  • Kids core and movement
  • Mums and bubs fitness

You can book week-to-week, try something new each visit, find an activity your child loves and book it consistently, book 2 or 3 classes one week and none the next. We’re flexible because life is unpredictable.